Dallas Cup Final Results and Texas Youth Club Participation

The 2018 Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup was played throughout North Texas between March 25 and April 1.  This world-renowned, invitation only youth soccer tournament has been played since 1980.

Texas (or affiliated) Youth Clubs Competing in 2018 Tournament

Anoranzas FC (Texas North):  U18

FC Dallas Academy:  U13, U14 Super, U15, U16, U19 Super

FC Dallas Mexico:  U15, U16

FC Dallas Youth:  U13, U14(2), U15(3), U16, U17, U18(2), U19

Dallas Kicks Selecao:  U13

Dallas Texans:  U13, U14, U15, U17, U18, U19(3)

FC Premier (Texas North):  U14, U15

Houston Dynamo Academy:  U19

Houston Dynamo Academy MX (Mexico):  U14 Super

ID Club Division (Texas South):  U16

Liverpool Academy (Texas North):  U18

Lonestar SC (Texas South):  U14, U15

McAllen Dynamo STX Academy (Texas South):  U18

Rayados FC-Katy (Texas South):  U17

Rayados-McAllen:  U13

RGV FC Academy (Texas South):  U19

RGV FC Toros (Texas South):  U14

San Antonio FC Pro Academy:  U13, U14

Solar FC (Texas North):  U13, U14, U15, U16, U17(2), U18(2), U19(2)

Texans SC (Texas South):  U17


Final Tournament Results


FC Dallas U13 Academy-3 Rayados McAllen 05-0

San Antonio FC Pro Academy 05 also made semifinals


Angeles Soccer Elite 04 (Mexico)-4  Lonestar SC U14 DA (Austin)-3

Dallas Texans U14 DA also made the semifinals

Under 14 Super 14’s

No Texas teams in semifinals.  Group won by Tigres UANL (Mexico)

Under 15

No Texas teams in semifinals.  Group won by Chicago Fire Academy

Under 16

Queretaro Gallos Blancos (Mexico)-2  Solar 02 Stricker (Texas North)-1

Under 17

No Texas Teams in semifinals.  Group won by Maebashi Ikuei U17 (Japan)

Under 18

No Texas teams in semifinals.  Group won by Santa Clara Sporting 00 Green (California North)

Under 19

Houston Dynamo Academy U19 and Rio Grande Valley FC Academy both lost in semifinals.  Group won by FC Golden State White 99 (California South)

Under 19 Gordon Jago Super Group

No Texas teams in semifinals.  Group won by Tigres UANL (Mexico)

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