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NPSL First Round Playoffs


Soccer playoffs are, take your pick, a roll of the dice, a crap shoot, a roller coaster or any other like description one can imagine.  We had ample evidence of this in the United Soccer League (USL) Western Conference last year when the #4 seeded Swope Park Rangers made it all the way to USL Cup.  Because the top 3 western seeds, including Rio Grande Valley FC, lost in the opening round, Swope Park not only became the top remaining seed but was the beneficiary of two unexpected additional home matches against the 8th and 6th seeded western teams.

Lonestar Conference:

Last night in the Lonestar Conference of the NPSL, essentially the same scenario transpired as the two top seeds lost first round games and Midland-Odessa Sockers now are the beneficiary of an unexpected home match against Shreveport Rafters, who will have plenty of time to think about the task at hand on its 500+ mile and 8 hour trip to West Texas for Saturday night’s Lonestar Conference final.

Ft. Worth Vaqueros-2    Shreveport Rafters-3

After playing two games over the weekend and taking a 2-0 lead into the halftime break, the Vaqueros essentially ran out of gas and allowed 3 unanswered Rafters goals in the second half, including the game winner in added extra-time.

Here are two links, first, the game results on the Vaqueros website and, second, a story in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram that discussed the impact the winning season has had on the fan base and the continuing search to find an appropriate soccer venue in the area:

Dutch Lions FC (HDLFC)-1    Midland-Odessa FC (MOFC)-3

MOFC scored two shock goals in the first three minutes and went on to win 3-1 against Dutch Lions FC in Conroe last night.  Apparently the 9-hour bus ride from Midland to the northern Houston suburbs was not enough to slow the Sockers down, as Ricardo Palomino and Jamie O’Grady came out of the starting blocks flying and scored enough goals to eventually win the match before the game had time to settle in.

After the match head coach Matt Barnes discussed the fast start in the match summary article in

“It wasn’t something that I expected but we wanted to come out and punch them in the chin,” Midland-Odessa FC head coach Matt Barnes said about his team’s start. “All week we’ve been talking about getting off to a good start. The guys were absolutely clinical in front of net.” 

Below is the link to the OAOA game story:

Heartland Conference:

FC Wichita-3    Dallas City FC-2

Things held to form in the Heartland Conference as one loss-#1 seeded FC Wichita held off a determined Dallas City FC side for a 3-2 win last night. Dallas City experienced quite an interesting last few weeks.  Travel all over the Midwest to play “home games”, end of game controversies that resulted in multiple ejections and the need to play a postponed game last Sunday while their opponents were resting.  Nevertheless, it took an 86th minute goal by Wichita to finally subdue Dallas City.  Unfortunately, on the game winning goal Dallas City’s Mikey Paniagua fractured tibia and fibula. According to the game story on Wichita’s website his injury necessitated a 45-minute delay and required an ambulance to transport him to a nearby hospital.  You Tube videos were posted of the Kansas crowd chanting Mikey’s name as he was stretchered off the field.

Dallas FC will be disappointed in the final game result, but the season can be considered an overall success for a team that stepped in as a replacement for Dallas area club Liverpool Warriors and did not put a roster together until a few weeks before the season.

Here is a link to the game story on FC Wichita’s website:

Conference Finals/South Region with TX teams:

Lonestar Conference:

Midland-Odessa FC vs. Shreveport Rafters-7:30 p.m., Saturday, July 15, 2017-Grande Communications Stadium, Midland, TX

Heartland Conference:  

Wichita FC vs. Tulsa Athletic-7:15 p.m., Saturday, July 15, 2017-Stryker Soccer Complex, Wichita, KS

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National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) Texas Week 10 Recap/Playoff Preview

The NPSL South Region first-round playoffs are set.  Ft. Worth Vaqueros, on the heels of two wins this week and a Dutch Lions FC draw in Shreveport, were able to jump the table from third to first and are the Lonestar Conference regular season champions.

Wednesday night the Vaqueros will play their first ever home playoff game at Martin Field against Shreveport Rafters.  In the other first round Lonestar Conference match Dutch Lions FC will host Midland-Odessa FC in Conroe, also on Wednesday night.

In the Heartland Conference, Dallas FC, forced to play two games in 24 hours last weekend including a makeup “home” match in Springfield, MO, travels to Wichita for the second time in less than a week to play a first round Heartland Conference playoff game against FC Wichita.

The winners of both the Lonestar and Heartland Conference first round playoff games will meet in the finals at the highest remaining seed on Saturday.

Further playoff details are provided in the link below

NPSL News:

Three Vaquero teammates will be attending Tulsa University next year.

Week 10 Game Results:

Friday, July 7

Midland-Odessa FC (MOFC)-5    Tyler FC-1

James O’Grady scored a first half hat trick in an astonishing 15 minutes to lead MOFC to a 5-1 blowout victory against winless Tyler FC in Midland. Additional second half goals were scored by Henrik Mueller and Darius Strambler to complete the rout.  The lone Tyler FC goal was scored by Tony Bravo.

In the match report from Midland Reporter-Telegram’s Will Korn, MOFC head coach Matt Barnes was obviously pleased with the outcome:

“It’s exactly what we wanted,” Barnes said. “I was hoping we could come out (Friday) and put a full game together, a full 90 (minutes). It’s the first time we’ve done it the entire season, so for me it was really rewarding to see the guys come out (like they did). We moved the ball well (Friday), defended well and Jamie was incredible in the first half with the hat trick.”

Game reports from Midland media are in the links below:

Saturday, July 8

Shreveport Rafters FC-1    Dutch Lions FC (HDLFC)-1

Shreveport Rafters FC Steven Bush’s goal in the 76th minute helped secure a trip to the NPSL playoffs for his club when it tied Dutch Lions FC 1-1 in Shreveport.  HDLFC had taken a lead 5 minutes earlier when Matheus Goveia scored to give Dutch Lions the lead, and temporarily put them on track to win the Lonestar Conference.  The Dutch Lions were somewhat unfortunate to be only level at halftime as they generated 12 shots and hit the woodwork twice according to accounts on HDLFC’s Twitter feed.

Halftime photo showing part of a crowd of 2,400 in Shreveport (Rafters FC Twitter)

FC Wichita-3    Dallas City FC-0

FC Wichita closed out the regular season in style, defeating Dallas City FC 3-0 at Stryker Soccer Complex in Wichita.  Diego Serfaty’s 5 minute header was all that was needed to send Wichita into the post-season on a four game winning streak.

Home Crowd in Wichita before match:  (FC Wichita Twitter)

Ft. Worth Vaqueros-4    Houston Regals SCA-0

Ft. Worth put themselves in the drivers seat to win the Lonestar Conference championship when they defeated Regals SCA 4-0 in Ft. Worth in a game delayed multiple times due to weather.  A first half goal by Bobby Edet put the Vaqueros ahead at the half and three second half goals, by Jesse Miralrio, Hilton Ngwa and Matthew Rochowski blew the game wide open. The Regals played shorthanded from the 68th minute when Rolando Matute was ejected from the match for abusive language or gestures.  Regals SCA needed to win and for Dutch Lions FC to win in Shreveport to secure a playoff spot.  Neither happened, so Houston finished their season Saturday night.

Photo from Martin Field:  (Fort Worth Vaqueros Twitter)

Sunday, July 9

Dallas City FC-2   Demize NPSL-5        (Makeup game from June 10)

After making a 250 mile trip from Wichita to Springfield, MO, and playing the second match in less than 24 hours, Dallas City FC certainly can be excused for a slow start. Unfortunately, Demize NPSL took advantage of the road weary by scoring 4 times in the first 25 minutes, leading to an eventual 5-2 win Sunday.  Dallas City rebounded a bit when Papa Abdoulaye Faly and Hulver Sanchez scored first half goals, but were never able to catch up with, what must have been, tired legs.  A link to the game story in the Joplin Globe is below:

FC Tyler-0    Ft. Worth Vaqueros-1      (Makeup game from June 24)

The Vaqueros completed an improbable leap up the standings this week and ended up as Lonestar Regular Season Division Champions when it was over. Kristian Quintana’s 28th minute goal was all that was needed to win the game and capture the Division crown. The day started out with good news for the Vaqueros as they ended up playing in Ft. Worth instead of traveling to East Texas for the Tyler FC makeup home game.  According to the Vaqueros website, unplayable field conditions in Tyler necessitated the change in venue.  At least that is what is to be surmised, because Tyler FC provided no explanation on their website or social media as to why the final home match had been switched to Ft. Worth.  After the match Vaqueros head coach Nick Stavrou commented on the Vaqueros website:

“The team is heading into the playoffs on a high after securing first place in the regular season. With three wins on the bounce we hope to carry that momentum into a very tough game against a dogged Shreveport team,” coach Nick Stavrou said. “We are hoping the home field advantage of our 12th man will help carry the boys through as the intensity turns up as it is now playoffs time.”

Lonestar Conference Regular Season Champion Ft. Worth Vaqueros (Vaqueros Twitter)


South Conference -Lonestar Division

Rank Lone Star Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 Fort Worth Vaqueros 10 7 2 1 22 17 8 9 2.2
2 Midland-Odessa FC 10 7 3 0 21 24 12 12 2.1
3 Dutch Lions FC 10 6 1 3 21 27 18 9 2.1
4 Shreveport Rafters FC 10 3 5 2 11 14 14 0 1.1
5 Houston Regals SCA 10 2 6 2 8 11 21 -10 0.8
6 Tyler FC 10 0 8 2 2 6 26 -20 0.2


South Conference-Heartland Division

Rank Heartland Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 FC Wichita 10 8 1 1 25 27 11 16 2.5
2 Tulsa Athletic 10 5 4 1 16 25 16 9 1.6
3 Little Rock Rangers 10 4 2 4 16 17 14 3 1.6
4 Dallas City FC 10 4 5 1 13 16 18 -2 1.3
5 Demize NPSL 10 3 6 1 10 18 20 -2 1
6 Ozark FC 10 2 8 0 6 12 36 -24 0.6

First Round Playoff Game Schedule:

Ft. Worth Vaqueros vs. Shreveport Rafters-7:30 p.m.-Wednesday, July 12-Martin Field, Ft. Worth

Dutch Lions FC vs. Midland-Odessa FC-7:00 p.m.-Wednesday, July 12-HDLFC Soccer Facility, Conroe


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Texas NPSL Lonestar and Heartland Conference Playoff Scenarios


The top 4 teams in both the Heartland and Lonestar Conferences of the Southern Region qualify for the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) 2017 Playoffs.  The playoff scenarios in both conferences are complicated by the need for rescheduled games due to weather issues earlier in the season.  As a result, Ft. Worth Vaqueros and Dallas City FC will play back-to-back games this weekend to complete the regular season schedule.

  • Ft. Worth travels to Tyler for a 6:00 p.m. Sunday match against winless Tyler FC.
  • Dallas City has a true challenge.  They play Saturday night in Wichita against Division leaders Wichita FC and then travel 250 miles to Springfield, MO to play a makeup “home” game at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday against Demize NPSL.  This will make two consecutive weekends that Dallas City has played out of state “home” games.

Here are the playoff scenarios, to the best of my ability since I am not a statistical guru, for Texas teams going into the final two days of the regular season.

Lonestar Division:

Midland-Odessa FC (MOFC)-finished regular season after 5-1 win over Tyler FC last night (21 points)

Qualified for Playoffs and gains a first round home match if Ft. Worth loses

Win Lonestar Championship with both a Dutch Lions and Ft. Worth loss

Dutch Lions FC (HDLFC)-at Shreveport (20 points)

Qualified for Playoffs

Wins division championship and clinches home field advantage for first two playoff rounds with win vs. Shreveport Rafters

A tie vs. Shreveport and Ft. Worth loss will win the Championship due to Tiebreaker #1 (head to head results) vs. MOFC

Ft. Worth Vaqueros-home vs. Regals SCA and away at Tyler FC (16 points)

Qualified for Playoffs

Win Lonestar championship with wins vs. Regals SCA and Tyler FC and Dutch Lions FC loss or tie vs. Shreveport

Gains at least home field advantage for first round playoffs with two wins

Houston Regals SCA-away at Ft. Worth (8 points-2 behind fourth place Shreveport Rafters)

Qualifies for playoffs with win at Ft. Worth and Shreveport loss vs. HDLFC

Heartland Conference:

Dallas City FC-away at Wichita and “home” vs. Demize NPSL in Missouri (13 points)

Qualified for playoffs

Can finish anywhere between second and fourth place, depending on results.

  • With two wins and a second place Little Rock (16 points) loss will finish second and gain a first round playoff home game.  In other scenarios, Little Rock has the Tiebreaker advantage against Dallas FC due to Tiebreaker #1 (head to head results)
  • Dallas FC is tied with Tulsa Athletic for third place.  Because they split the season series and were level on goal differential, determining which team finishes in the higher position, if level on points, in all scenarios could conceivably go all the way to the sixth Tiebreaker to resolve, which is a coin toss.

Further information on the 2017 NPSL playoffs and the tiebreakers can be found in this link.


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National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) Texas Week 9 Recap/Week 10 Preview


NPSL released its 2017 playoff structure and details earlier this week.  The top 4 teams in both the Lonestar and Heartland conferences will qualify for the playoffs, with the two top teams hosting opening round matches. Conference semifinals will be played on July 12 and finals on July 15.  The winners of these finals will advance to the South Region Playoffs.  Further details are provided in the link below

As of today, Dutch Lions would play Shreveport Rafters in Conroe in the opening round and Midland-Odessa FC would host Ft. Worth Vaqueros in West Texas.  Since the Vaqueros have two remaining games, winning out would, at a minimum, secure home field advantage in the opening round. Houston Regals SCA have slim playoff hopes, but it would require a win against the Vaqueros and Dutch Lions to win in Shreveport.  If Houston wins and Dutch Lions FC tie that match, tiebreakers would need to come into play.

In the Heartland Conference, a victory or tie against Demize NPSL Thursday would guarantee a playoff spot for Dallas City FC.

NPSL News:

The Houston Chronicle ran a nice feature on Dutch Lions FC and Austin St. Edwards University attacker Jose Pablo Covarrubias, who has resumed his career this summer after a 5 month recovery period necessitated by foot surgery.

Week 9 Game Results:

Thursday, June 29

Shreveport Rafters FC-2   Tyler FC-0

Two Shreveport goals, one in each half, allowed the Rafters to secure a 2-0 home win over Tyler FC.

Game video and report from KSLA TV in Shreveport-Bossier:

Saturday, July 1

Dutch Lions FC (HDL FC)-2  Shreveport Rafters FC-1

Coming back from a goal down, Dutch Lions FC took a huge step towards the Lonestar conference championship when they defeated Shreveport 2-1 in Conroe.  The Rafters opened the scoring in the 15th minute when Jackson Darnell caught HDL FC goalkeeper Marc Olsen off the line and chipped over him into the goal.  Jose Pablo Covarrubias brought the match level when he scored in the 40th minute.  Dutch Lions were unlucky to not be ahead at the break, as three shots hit the woodwork in the first half.  After multiple solid HDL FC chances were denied, defender and Man of the Match, Archie Massen finally broke through to score the game winner in the 88th minute

Dutch Lions Starting lineup and Man of the Match photos:  (HDL FC Twitter)

Houston Regals SCA-1   Ft. Worth Vaqueros-2

The Vaqueros booked a place in the NPSL playoffs after defeating Regals SCA at KIPP Academy in Houston.  A 5th minute goal headed home by Matthew Rochowski put the Regals on their heals early, and Harris Partain rounded the goalkeeper to score the eventual game winner in the 85th minute to close out the Ft. Worth scoring.  A late penalty by Oscar Roque pulled Houston back, but a tying goal was not in the cards. Regals SCA played a man down from the 78th minute after Jose Munoz was shown a second caution. A yeoman effort by the Regals goalkeeper kept the team in the game in the second half, including a 58th minute penalty save.

Vaqueros Team Photo after game:  (Ft. Worth Vaqueros Twitter)

Sunday, July 2

Dallas City FC-0   Tulsa Athletic-1

A Dallas FC home match, rescheduled to Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma (northeast of Tulsa) because of unplayable field conditions at Dallas City’s field, turned into a wild affair Sunday night.  After a lengthy weather delay, Tulsa’s Dave Leung quickly scored a 2nd minute goal and Athletic held on for a 1-0 victory.  The game got out of hand near the end when two Dallas City players were ejected late in the match, one for violent conduct and the second for serious foul play.  Further adding insult to injury, Dallas City head coach Carlos Fernandes was also ejected in the 88th minute. According to the Tulsa Athletic Twitter account, the match was ended one minute early. This is the second consecutive week that Dallas City has been involved in a late game disturbance.


South Conference -Lonestar Division

Rank Lone Star Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 Dutch Lions FC 9 6 1 2 20 26 17 9 2.2222
2 Midland-Odessa FC 9 6 3 0 18 19 11 8 2
3 Fort Worth Vaqueros 8 5 2 1 16 12 8 4 2
4 Shreveport Rafters FC 9 3 5 1 10 13 13 0 1.1111
5 Houston Regals SCA 9 2 5 2 8 11 17 -6 0.8889
6 Tyler FC 8 0 6 2 2 5 20 -15 0.25


South Conference-Heartland Division

Rank Heartland Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 FC Wichita 9 7 1 1 22 24 11 13 2.4444
2 Little Rock Rangers 9 4 1 4 16 15 11 4 1.7778
3 Dallas City FC 8 4 3 1 13 14 10 4 1.625
4 Tulsa Athletic 9 4 4 1 13 22 14 8 1.4444
5 Demize NPSL 9 2 6 1 7 13 18 -5 0.7778
6 Ozark FC 10 2 8 0 6 12 36 -24 0.6


Week 10 Game Schedule: (Home Team Listed First)


Friday, July 7

Midland-Odessa FC vs. Tyler FC

Saturday, July 8

Shreveport Rafters FC vs. Dutch Lions FC

FC Wichita vs. Dallas City FC

Ft. Worth Vaqueros vs. Houston Regals SCA

Sunday, July 9

Dallas City FC vs. Demize NPSL (makeup game from June 10)

FC Tyler vs. Ft. Worth Vaqueros  (Makeup game from June 24)


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Texas National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) Week 8 Recap/Week 9 Preview

The Dutch Lions FC victory in Midland Saturday night tightened up the race for the Lonestar Division championship.  Since Dutch Lions have a game in hand, they lead the race on a points earned per game (PPG) basis.  With the victory Saturday, Dallas City FC now moves into a second place tie in the Heartland Conference.

  • HDL FC controls its own destiny-playing the Rafters at home this weekend and again in Shreveport on the final Saturday of the regular season.
  • Midland-Odessa has one game remaining-at home against last place Tyler FC, a week from next Friday.
  • Ft. Worth remains in the running with 3 remaining matches-home and away against 5th place (on goal differential) Houston Regals SCA and the postponed game in Tyler.
  • Dallas City FC has 3 remaining matches, including a last weekend game in Kansas against Division leaders, FC Wichita.



Week 8 Game Results:

Wednesday, June 21

Houston Regals SCA-2   Dutch Lions FC (HDL FC)-2

An 89th minute goal from midfielder Jose Pablo Covarrubias allowed Dutch Lions FC to salvage a point in the road game against Regals SCA in Houston Wednesday night.  The tying goal came 7 minutes after Marvin Sanchez had put Houston in the lead when he converted a penalty. Carlos Acevedo had originally opened the scoring for Dutch Lions when he hit in the 36th minute.  Simon Okologo had  pulled the Regals level when he scored in the 67th.  Regals SCA finished the game shorthanded when Noe Garcia was sent off in the 90th minute after picking up his second caution of the match.

The Dutch Lions starting lineup (HDL FC Twitter):

Saturday, June 24

Shreveport Rafters SC-3   Houston Regals SCA-1

Shreveport Man of the Match Steven Bush scored twice after entering as a second half substitute to lead Rafters FC to a 3-1 win over Houston in Shreveport.  A second caution in the 33rd minute to Regals SCA Chibuzor Nnalue forced the team to play a man down for almost 60 minutes. Despite this setback, Regals SCA Marvin Sanchez tied the match in the 57th minute. A straight red card issued to the Regals Simon Okologo in the 88th minute, when Houston trailed 2-1, sabotaged any attempted comeback.  Bush put the game away shortly after with his second.

Midland-Odessa FC-3   Dutch Lions FC (HDL FC)-4

A furious second half comeback from Midland-Odessa FC Sockers fell just short and Dutch Lions FC took away a wild 4-3 victory in Midland.  Trailing 4-1, the Sockers Ricardo Palomino scored in the 75th minute and a penalty scored by Darius Strambler in the 86th pulled Midland-Odessa back within one.  HDL FC was able to see out the victory and move within one point of the first place Sockers (with a game in hand) in the NPSL Lonestar Division.   Midfielder Jesus “Chuy” Cortez scored twice for HDL FC to lead the team to the win.  Additional goals, scored by Jerry Scholman and defender Archie Massen, helped build the early lead.  This was the seventh consecutive match where HDLFC picked up points, intensifying Dutch Lions race to catch the Sockers.

According to the game report by Odessa American’s Eric Blum (@EricBlumOA), the match officiating was controversial, with a Sockers goal disallowed and another HDL FC goal scored from a possible offside position.  Sockers head coach Matt Barnes certainly thought so.  In an interview with Blum after the game, he talked about the impact this decision had on the match: “I’ve never seen a linesman make that big of an impact in a game,” Barnes said. “A thousand people saw that the kid was offsides tonight. The replay clearly showed he was offsides.

A link to Eric Blum’s OAOA game story can be found here.

Dutch Lions FC Starting Lineup:  (Dutch Lions Twitter)

Tulsa Athletic-1   Dallas City FC-2

Two second half goals by Luiz DeSousa, the second coming in stoppage time, led Dallas City FC to a 2-1 victory in Tulsa.  What makes the game winner interesting is that Dallas City was apparently playing with a two man advantage at the time the goal was scored. According to the Athletic Twitter page, a fight broke out near the Dallas goal in the 87th minute.  One Tulsa player was issued a straight red and one was ejected for picking up his second caution, leaving Athletic with 9.  Dallas City’s Ever Alvarado was ejected also, but since he was on the bench, the team did not have to play short-handed.

Dallas City FC Starting Lineup and match statistics: (Tulsa Athletic Twitter)

Tyler FC vs. Ft. Worth Vaqueros-  POSTPONED

The Vaqueros website provided an update a few hours before game time, announcing that due to unplayable field conditions after heavy rain in Tyler, the match would be rescheduled.


South Conference -Lonestar Division

Rank Lone Star Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 Dutch Lions FC 8 5 1 2 17 24 16 8 2.125
2 Midland-Odessa FC 9 6 3 0 18 19 11 8 2
3 Fort Worth Vaqueros 7 4 2 1 13 10 7 3 1.8571
4 Shreveport Rafters FC 7 2 4 1 7 10 11 -1 1
5 Houston Regals SCA 8 2 4 2 8 10 15 -5 1
6 Tyler FC 7 0 5 2 2 5 18 -13 0.2857

South Conference-Heartland Division

Rank Heartland Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 FC Wichita 8 6 1 1 19 22 11 11 2.375
2 Dallas City FC 7 4 2 1 13 14 9 5 1.8571
3 Little Rock Rangers 7 3 0 4 13 11 8 3 1.8571
4 Tulsa Athletic 8 3 4 1 10 21 14 7 1.25
5 Demize NPSL 7 2 4 1 7 12 14 -2 1
6 Ozark FC 7 0 7 0 0 7 31 -24 0


Week 9 Game Schedule: (Home Team Listed First)

Thursday, June 29

Shreveport Rafters FC vs. Tyler FC

Friday, June 30

Dallas City FC vs. Tulsa Athletic

Saturday, July 1

Dutch Lions FC vs. Shreveport Rafters FC

Houston Regals SCA vs. Ft. Worth Vaqueros


NPSL logo courtesy of ChrisCreamer’sSportsLogos.Net

Texas National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) Week 7 Recap

Midland-Odessa was the first Lonestar Conference side to qualify for the 2017 NPSL playoffs after a win last weekend.


Week 7 Game Results:

Thursday, June 15

Dutch Lions FC-3 vs. Midland-Odessa FC-1

Houston Dutch Lions FC defeated the Sockers 3-1 Thursday evening in Conroe.  Midland-Odessa had a tough hill to climb when Jerry Scholman conceded an own goal to Dutch Lions in the 8th minute.  Carlos Acevedo doubled the lead for Dutch Lions in the 31st.  A late goal by Dutch Lions man-of-the-match Jesus Cortes then put the game away, though the Sockers pulled one back a few minutes before time when James O’Grady scored.

Saturday, June 17

Dallas City FC-2   Ozark FC-0

Two goals in the first 13 minutes from Sergio Lara and Archie Mesa led Dallas City FC to a 2-0 home win over winless Ozark FC.

Team photo prior to match at Greenhill School (Dallas City FC Facebook)

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature

Dutch Lions FC-6   Tyler FC-3

Dutch Lions FC scored four first half goals, the first 8 minutes in, to dominate Tyler FC and eventually win 6-3.  A brace by Yinka Lawal led the way, with other scoring coming from four different players.  Trailing 4-1 at the half, Tyler FC scored twice in the second half to close the gap.

Dutch Lions starting lineup and Man of the Match-former UTRGV Vaquero Archie Massen (Dutch Lions Twitter)

Houston Regals SCA-0   Midland-Odessa FC Sockers-2

Goals by Maliq Cooper in the 65th minute and Gilbert Rocha in the 74th led the Sockers to a 2-0 road win in Houston.  This victory allows the Sockers to clinch a Lonestar Conference playoff berth and put them in the drivers seat for the conference championship with only two regular season games remaining.

Ft. Worth Vaqueros-0  Shreveport Rafters FC-0

Ft. Worth was held to a scoreless draw at home against Shreveport Saturday. More importantly, however, this score combined with a 2-1 win in Louisiana earlier this year allowed the Vaqueros to reclaim the Texas Trail Classic “horns” (pictured below).  The Vaqueros dominated the first half, but both teams had chances in the second.  At the end of the match Vaqueros coach Nick Stavrou had this to say on the Ft. Worth website:  “You always want to win and I thought we created enough chances.  Unfortunately it just didn’t end up in the back of the net.”

General Team News:

An Eric Blum article on OA Online profiled Sockers captain Andrew Moullin who is playing in the NPSL in-between trials with San Antonio FC.


South Conference -Lonestar Division

Rank Lonestar Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 Midland-Odessa FC 8 6 2 0 18 16 7 9 2.25
2 Dutch Lions FC 6 4 1 1 13 18 11 7 2.1667
3 Fort Worth Vaqueros 7 4 2 1 13 10 7 3 1.8571
4 Houston Regals SCA 6 2 3 1 7 7 10 -3 1.1667
5 Shreveport Rafters FC 6 1 4 1 4 7 10 -3 0.6667
6 Tyler FC 7 0 5 2 2 5 18 -13 0.2857


South Conference-Heartland Division

Rank Heartland Conference Division GP W L T Pts GF GA GD Pts/GP
1 FC Wichita 6 4 1 1 13 16 10 6 2.1667
2 Little Rock Rangers 7 3 0 4 13 11 8 3 1.8571
3 Tulsa Athletic 6 3 2 1 10 19 10 9 1.6667
4 Dallas City FC 6 3 2 1 10 12 8 4 1.6667
5 Demize NPSL 5 1 3 1 4 8 10 -2 0.8
6 Ozark FC 6 0 6 0 0 7 27 -20 0


Week 8 Game Schedule: (Home Team Listed First)

Wednesday, June 21

Houston Regals SCA vs. Dutch Lions FC

Saturday, June 24

Shreveport Rafters SC vs. Houston Regals SCA

Midland-Odessa FC vs. Dutch Lions FC

Tulsa Athletic vs. Dallas City FC

Tyler FC vs. Ft. Worth Vaqueros


NPSL logos courtesy of ChrisCreamer’sSportsLogos.Net

Texas NPSL Week 6 Recap

After two impressive road wins, Midland-Odessa FC is now top of the table in the NPSL South Conference-Lone Star Division.


Week 6 Game Results:

Thursday, June 8

Tyler FC Kings-0    Midland-Odessa FC Sockers-3

The Sockers scored three second half goals in the space of 11 minutes to defeat the Kings 3-0 Thursday night in Tyler.  Memo Diaz scored the opener in the 55th and Zach Penner followed immediately 3 minutes later to make it 2-0.   Both goals were assisted by Jamie O’Grady.  Elliott Bentley finished off the scoring in the 65th minute.

Earlier this week Sergio Gonzalez was named the Tyler FC Player of the Month for May.

“Sergio has been our most consistent attacker… Sergio is usually the first one to arrive to training and he lives further away than most guys on the team…” Says President and Head Coach Chris Avila. He also mentions that ” Sergio is focused and his work ethic is admirable. I expect big things for Sergio on and off the field because of the person he is.” Sergio Gonzalez is a quiet and humble kid who is always ready to play soccer! 

Saturday, June 10

Dallas City FC vs. Demize NPSL-POSTPONED

Dallas City FC posted a notice on its Facebook page June 9 that announced, due to weather, that the Saturday game has been postponed.

Dutch Lions FC-3   Ft. Worth Vaqueros-1

Three second half Dutch Lions FC goals offset the 26th minute opener by the Vaqueros Hilton Ngwa to win in Conroe last night.  Midfielder Jerry Scholman scored in the 49th minute and then put the game away when he scored in the 79th.  The other Dutch Lions goal was scored by forward Jose Pablo Covarrubias on a penalty.  The Dutch Lions dominated the second half and almost scored twice right after the break, before breaking through on Scholman’s first.

Vaqueros assistant Greer Chavez, who deputized for the absent head coach Nick Stavrou had this to say on the Ft. Worth website after the match:

“This was a tough loss. We came out strong and controlled the game in the first half,” Vaqueros assistant Greer Chavez said. “Glad to see Hilton Ngwa get on the scoresheet. They started faster in the second half and we just made too many mistakes in the back. We had chances throughout the game but couldn’t put them away. 

Pregame lineup photo and images from Dutch Lions FC Twitter feed

Houston Regals SCA-3    Tyler FC-0  

Behind a brace by Diego De la Cruz and a goal from Hector Balandran Regals SCA shutout Tyler FC at KIPP High School stadium in Houston.

Shreveport Rafters FC-1   Midland-Odessa FC Sockers-2

The Sockers won the second away game of the week, despite playing shorthanded for close to a half hour, when they defeated the Rafters 2-1 in Shreveport last night.  Zach Penner, after picking up two yellow cards in a little more than 10 minutes, was sent off in the 63 minute, with the Sockers leading 1-0 at the time off a James O’Grady 21st minute goal.  The Rafters leveled the game when an unfortunate 72nd minute goalkeeper clearance hit a Sockers player and created an easy opportunity for the Rafters.  Despite the challenge, the Sockers were fortunate to get the game winner in the 87th minute when Midland capitalized on a direct kick opportunity and Hamish Ritchie broke the deadlock.


South Conference -Lonestar Division

1 Midland-Odessa FC 6 5 1 0 15 13 4 9 2.5
2 Fort Worth Vaqueros 6 4 2 0 12 10 7 3 2
3 Dutch Lions FC 4 2 1 1 7 9 7 2 1.75
4 Houston Regals SCA 5 2 2 1 7 7 8 -1 1.4
5 Shreveport Rafters FC 5 1 4 0 3 7 10 -3 0.6
6 Tyler FC 6 0 4 2 2 2 12 -10 0.3333

South Conference-Heartland Division

1 FC Wichita 5 4 0 1 13 16 9 7 2.6
2 Little Rock Rangers 6 2 0 4 10 10 8 2 1.6667
3 Tulsa Athletic 5 2 2 1 7 16 9 7 1.4
4 Dallas City FC 5 2 2 1 7 10 8 2 1.4
5 Demize NPSL 4 1 2 1 4 7 7 0 1
6 Ozark FC 5 0 5 0 0 7 25 -18 0

Week 7 Game Schedule: (Home Team Listed First)

Thursday, June 15

Dutch Lions FC vs. Midland-Odessa FC

Saturday, June 17

Dallas City FC vs. Ozark FC

Dutch Lions FC vs. Tyler FC

Houston Regals SCA vs. Midland-Odessa FC

Ft. Worth Vaqueros vs. Shreveport Rafters FC


NPSL logos courtesy of ChrisCreamer’sSportsLogos.Net