Texas NPSL Lonestar and Heartland Conference Playoff Scenarios


The top 4 teams in both the Heartland and Lonestar Conferences of the Southern Region qualify for the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) 2017 Playoffs.  The playoff scenarios in both conferences are complicated by the need for rescheduled games due to weather issues earlier in the season.  As a result, Ft. Worth Vaqueros and Dallas City FC will play back-to-back games this weekend to complete the regular season schedule.

  • Ft. Worth travels to Tyler for a 6:00 p.m. Sunday match against winless Tyler FC.
  • Dallas City has a true challenge.  They play Saturday night in Wichita against Division leaders Wichita FC and then travel 250 miles to Springfield, MO to play a makeup “home” game at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday against Demize NPSL.  This will make two consecutive weekends that Dallas City has played out of state “home” games.

Here are the playoff scenarios, to the best of my ability since I am not a statistical guru, for Texas teams going into the final two days of the regular season.

Lonestar Division:

Midland-Odessa FC (MOFC)-finished regular season after 5-1 win over Tyler FC last night (21 points)

Qualified for Playoffs and gains a first round home match if Ft. Worth loses

Win Lonestar Championship with both a Dutch Lions and Ft. Worth loss

Dutch Lions FC (HDLFC)-at Shreveport (20 points)

Qualified for Playoffs

Wins division championship and clinches home field advantage for first two playoff rounds with win vs. Shreveport Rafters

A tie vs. Shreveport and Ft. Worth loss will win the Championship due to Tiebreaker #1 (head to head results) vs. MOFC

Ft. Worth Vaqueros-home vs. Regals SCA and away at Tyler FC (16 points)

Qualified for Playoffs

Win Lonestar championship with wins vs. Regals SCA and Tyler FC and Dutch Lions FC loss or tie vs. Shreveport

Gains at least home field advantage for first round playoffs with two wins

Houston Regals SCA-away at Ft. Worth (8 points-2 behind fourth place Shreveport Rafters)

Qualifies for playoffs with win at Ft. Worth and Shreveport loss vs. HDLFC

Heartland Conference:

Dallas City FC-away at Wichita and “home” vs. Demize NPSL in Missouri (13 points)

Qualified for playoffs

Can finish anywhere between second and fourth place, depending on results.

  • With two wins and a second place Little Rock (16 points) loss will finish second and gain a first round playoff home game.  In other scenarios, Little Rock has the Tiebreaker advantage against Dallas FC due to Tiebreaker #1 (head to head results)
  • Dallas FC is tied with Tulsa Athletic for third place.  Because they split the season series and were level on goal differential, determining which team finishes in the higher position, if level on points, in all scenarios could conceivably go all the way to the sixth Tiebreaker to resolve, which is a coin toss.

Further information on the 2017 NPSL playoffs and the tiebreakers can be found in this link.



NPSL logo courtesy of ChrisCreamer’sSportsLogos.Net


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