Around the World of Soccer

Best quote this week:

“It goes back to saying, ‘It’s okay to be who we are. It’s okay if we don’t have 115 passes in 30 minutes, it’s okay if we don’t have 150 shots on goal.’ This game is about winning. It’s about thinking the game. It’s about consciously not allowing teams to break you down inside your area, and more importantly, finding that moment to score a goal. That’s what this game’s about.
“People have lost the plot with all this passing and shooting percentages and if you shoot from here you’ll score if you do it 12 times. Well, I’ll tell you what: the stats were wrong tonight. The stats will lose to the human spirit every day of the week.”

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni telling us what he thinks about the increase in “Money-Ball” like statistical analysis of MLS and soccer in general over the last few years after a win against Sporting KC last weekend.  After this comment he said thank you and immediately left the podium. (Soccer America Daily-June 1)

Best article discovered from outside of the Republic this week:

The answer article from Will Parchman (@WillParchman) at Top Drawer Soccer on why Mastroeni is wrong.

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