Texas NPSL, PDL Recap-Week 1

The Texas portion of the amateur National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) regular season started last Saturday in Dallas.  During the 2017 season, each of the six Texas teams (Dallas FC, Dutch Lions FC, Ft. Worth Vaqueros, Houston Regals SCA, Midland Odessa FC and Tyler FC) will play home and away matches in their respective conferences between now and the end of the regular season in early July. Playoffs will then follow, culminating in the NPSL National Championship game in early August.

Game Results:

Dallas City FC 2-Little Rock Rangers 2

Dallas City FC began their 2017 NPSL season, and also kicked off 2017 NPSL action in Texas, at The Pit in Plano last Saturday with a 2-2 draw against Little Rock Rangers. Dallas City goals were scored by Ariel Mesa in the 14th minute and on a penalty by substitute Sergio Lara in the 76th minute to tie up the match.


Dallas FC is back in the league, after originally saying they would not field a team this year, in place of Liverpool Warriors. Unlike other Texas NPSL teams, they are playing in the Heartland Conference of the South Region.  Last Saturday’s match is the only time Dallas City will play in Plano during the 2017 season. Other home games will be played at the Greenhill School in Addison.

This Weeks Game Schedule: (Home Team Listed First)

May 13, 2017:

Ft. Worth Vaqueros vs. Tyler FC

Houston Regals FCA vs. Shreveport Rafters

Thursday, May 18:

Midland-Odessa FC vs. Houston Regals FCA

Friday, May 19:

Dallas City FC vs. FC Wichita


Dutch Lions FC opens next Saturday, May 20th at Ft. Worth

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