FCD GM Fernando Clavijo Interview

Will Parchman of Top Drawer Soccer (and now mlssoccer.com) published an interview he conducted with FC Dallas GM Fernando Clavijo a couple of days ago.  Will is another of the bright young soccer writers in this country who I closely follow.

The interview contained interesting observations from Fernando about how MLS is now viewed by foreign players and what has changed over the years.  He also shared his answer to those, including New York FC’s Andrea Pirlo, who want the league to eliminate the salary cap and open the check book to compete with other leagues.

I found the most interesting topic covered in this interview to be Fernando’s response to Will’s question on how much additional money he would like to have to compete for better players.  Somewhat surprisingly, Clavijo actually answered the question, stating that an increase of $2.5-5 million dollars in annual spending would allow the club to compete for players with anybody in the Americas.

This is a realistic number that MLS should be able to get too with additional General and Targeted Acquisition Money (TAM) sometime in the near future.

An excellent interview and I have attached a link to it below.




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