USL President Jake Edwards Interview

Jonathan Tannenwald, soccer writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, conducted a wide-ranging interview with Jake Edwards, the Commissioner of the United Soccer League (USL) (updated online yesterday).  In this interview he questioned Edwards about a number of interesting “inside ball” topics relating to the USL and the future of the league:

  • New media partnerships with ESPN/SiriusXM
  • Whether independent and MLS supported clubs are diverging and what this portends for the future
  • The new Division 3 league that USL intends to start in 2019
  • Whether he believes that there will continue to be two Division 2 leagues in North America
  • Thoughts on the possibility of Promotion/Relegation between the two USL leagues in the future

I have attached a link to the interview.  If this is a topic of interest, I highly recommend you read the interview.  I thought about trying to summarize this article, but everything is revealing and on-point.  Tannenwald is one of the best young soccer writers in the country. I have always found his work to be in-depth, well researched, professional and extremely insightful.

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